The Practical Guide to Furnish Your BTO


Picture this: you just received the key to your brand new BTO. You walked through the front door and marveled at the sheer empty space of your new home. It’s a beautiful blank canvas with endless possibilities, and you can’t wait to start transforming the space into your dream home. Then it dawned on you – where do you start?

If this is you, you’re not alone! It’s completely okay to feel overwhelmed. Creating a home is no easy task and with BTOs being on the smaller side, most homeowners are left scratching their heads on what to do. But fret not because help is on the way. With our practical guide below, you can be sure to turn the vacant BTO into home sweet home in no time!

1. Sofa

First up, let’s talk about sofas, the crown jewel of the living room. It’s the go-to spot to unwind, watch your favorite shows or simply entertain your family and friends. For smaller homes, it’s crucial that you choose a sofa that is space-saving. Maximizing your limited space is key here so that your living room is not just inviting but also functional. Here are some space-saving sofas you can choose from for your BTO.

Sofa beds

A sofa bed is a champion when it comes to maximizing space. A comfy sofa by day, it transforms into a cozy bed whenever you need an extra sleeping spot, especially if you don’t have a dedicated guest room. Ideal for small homes for its versatility and practicality, this type of bed makes the most out of your living room. With this, your BTO will always be guest-ready!

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Recliner sofas

The ultimate relaxation sofa, recliner sofas allow you to kick your feet up and relax. This type of chair is built with a mechanism that lets its users recline the backrests backwards and extend the footrests to turn the chair into a perfect lounging spot! It gives you the best of both worlds – comfort and functionality. A perfect sofa for a BTO!

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L-Shaped sofas

This sofa is another lounging paradise, designed in the shape of the letter “L” to provide ample seating space. With its versatile design, L-shaped sofas can be arranged in various ways. It has moveable components, which you can use to create a nook for reading or convert it into a makeshift bed. You can separate the sofa entirely to accommodate more guests too! With these features, it’s a great choice if you love to host dinners or game nights.


Designed to be cozy and intimate, this sofa seats 2 people, which makes it more space-saving than a traditional 3-seater. With its compact size, loveseat is ideal for smaller homes like a BTO. It also comes in a variety of colors and fabrics, so you can find one that fits your unique sense of style. It’s a good match for those who want to personalize their sofas to their interior!

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2. Bed 🛏️

Next on your list should be your bed, your cozy haven. In a compact home, beds can pose a big challenge as they consume a lot of space. Aside from getting a sturdy bed, you might also want to get a multi-purpose one to really maximize the functionality of this bulky furniture. One possible solution would be storage beds, which come with built-in storage capabilities to minimize clutter! There are a many great storage bed options – here are some you can consider.

Lift-up storage beds

A lift-up storage bed is like a treasure trove – it has a large storage space underneath the bed that is accessible through a hydraulic lift mechanism. The storage space is ideal for storing items that you rarely use but need to keep safe like holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, suitcases, or other huge items that you want to keep out of sight. With this type of bed, you can sleep with peace of mind knowing that your items are neatly tucked away (and that it saves you from tripping over boxes!).

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Storage drawer beds

Another storage bed option you can consider is the storage drawer bed, with built-in drawers. This type of storage bed makes it easy to store and retrieve items compared to its lift-up cousin. However, you can store fewer items as the drawers don’t exactly provide a big storage space. However, things like extra blankets, clothes or even shoes that you might use occasionally and want to keep accessible are great for this bed!

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Headboard storage beds

If you prefer to have your items accessible at all times, you can go for the headboard storage bed. This type of storage bed has a storage compartment built into the headboard where you can keep your essentials safe and within your reach like glasses, books, or gadgets. With this storage bed, you can keep your bedroom tidy, while adding a functional and stylish element to it. Now, you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night anymore to fetch things, giving you uninterrupted sleep!

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3. Wardrobe 🗄️

Another key essential for your BTO is a wardrobe. However, traditional wardrobes aren’t exactly space-saving, they can be bulky & clunky. They also don’t provide adequate storage either for your belongings. That’s why when it comes to this piece of furniture, BTO homeowners need to go for wardrobes that provide clever storage solutions yet use little room.  One such option is the modular wardrobe.

Modular wardrobes

A modular wardrobe is a wardrobe that’s built using modular components – think blocks that you can mix and match to create the perfect storage layout. With its modular nature, BTO homeowners can easily add or remove sections to maximise space of their home. This way, you don’t have to throw anything out! Although it’s customizable, you’ll be happy to hear that getting a modular wardrobe won’t break your bank. It can also be fitted with any type of flooring, be it wooden, tiled, or carpeted. Its the perfect, long-term solution.

4. Dining table 🍴

To wrap this list is arguably the most important furniture to get: the dining table. To many, the dining table is more than just a place to share meals – it’s also a spot where you gather to talk and laugh with your loved ones. For your BTO, the dining table should ideally be able to accommodate people in your household without taking up too much space. To achieve this, we suggest getting either one of these dining tables.

Extendable dining tables

If you like to host guests regularly, consider getting an extendable dining table. Just like the name suggests, extendable tables are dining tables that can be extended to fit more people. If you don’t have guests over, you can simply put it back into its original position to save space. It provides flexibility for those who would want to have people over without sacrificing the space in your house.

Sintered stone dining tables

If you want a dining table that pops for your compact home, you should go sintered stone dining tables! It’s a feast for the eyes with its gorgeous finish, making it a great alternative to the more expensive marble. Sintered stone dining tables are also durable, resistant to heat, scratches, and water. If you’re worried whether it’ll look good in your home, don’t be! Sintered stone complements any space with its polished appearance. A truly versatile dining table!

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To sum it up,

Although it can be overwhelming, furnishing your brand new BTO isn’t as hard as you think. With the space constraint that BTOs have, it’s wise to opt for pieces that are multipurpose with built-in storage options. This can really maximize your space, without sacrificing the comfort and looks of your home.

Ready to start decorating your BTO? If the answer’s yes, head over to our website now! We’ve tons of quality yet affordable choices that can help make your BTO your dream home.

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