New Furniture to Welcome the New Year


It’s a new year again! What better way to kick off 2023 than to welcome new furniture into your home? After all, a new year symbolises a fresh start, so this is the perfect time for a home makeover. In this blog, we have compiled several furniture choices that are in trend this 2023 to get you started. Let’s get straight into it!

Premium Sofas

Since sofas are the centerpiece of a living room, it is important to choose one that not only looks great, but also offers maximum comfort. To enjoy the best of both worlds, why not get a premium sofa? We promise they will not disappoint! An increasingly popular fabric is hi-tech fabric, so you definitely want to consider a sofa with this fabric for your home. Its stain and water-resistant properties are sure to leave you feeling wowed!

Accent Chairs

If you want to keep up with the furniture trends this 2023, then an accent chair is something you should consider! By using different colours and textures, accent chairs can complement your main furniture piece and complete the look of your space.

Coffee Tables

Looking for furniture accessories to top off your living room? A coffee table would be perfect! You may see it as a simple piece, but it definitely helps to uplift your living space. Let’s also not forget that coffee tables are a great way of offering extra table space to display or place your items. Instead of traditional coffee tables, experiment with something interesting and new – sintered stone coffee tables. Simply a gorgeous addition to your living room!


After having your sofa and coffee table in place, what else could possibly be missing? That’s right, a rug! Rugs are a good way to add a touch of colour and texture to your home to give it a more finished look. Not to mention, having a rug would instantly warm up the interior of your home and make it look cozier.

Dining Table

Did we mention that sintered stone dining tables are trending this 2023? Consider getting one for a beautiful and comfortable area to enjoy your meals! The cherry on top of sintered stone tabletops is its stain, water, scratch, and heat-resistant properties. You never have to worry about your dining table looking dirty or damaged even after a long time. How amazing is that? Add in a couple of dining chairs and voila! Your dining area is all prepped!

Bed Frames

Bed frames are one of the most essential furniture you need in your home. Why is that so? That’s because they enhance the look of your bedroom, provide ample support for you while sleeping and keep your mattress clean from dirt and insects. With vintage pieces making a comeback this 2023, consider investing in a vintage yet modern bed frame for your bedroom to give it more character.


Do you yearn for better sleep quality? If yes, it’s time to get yourself a new mattress! Considering Singapore’s humid climate, we would definitely recommend a cooling mattress for you. Say goodbye to night sweats and say hello to a cool and comfy night of sleep. You deserve the best, so don’t deprive yourself of a good mattress!


For a finished cozy bedroom look, your choice of bedding is important. Opt for popular materials like natural tencel and cotton sateen to make your bedroom look amazing. Apart from their soft and smooth texture, these materials are highly breathable and durable. We guarantee that you can look forward to enjoying cooler and better nights of sleep!


And there you have it – 8 types of furniture to welcome into your home this new year. Don’t hesitate any longer and get them now!

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