How to Declutter Your Home with Storage Furniture


Do you constantly have items lying around your home due to the lack of storage options? Well, it’s time for you to give storage furniture a thought! With such furniture, a messy living space will become the last of your worries. In this blog, we have compiled several storage furniture options to help you declutter and be tidy. Let’s find out more!

Storage Sofas

With Chinese New Year coming up, I’m sure you want your living room to look presentable to host guests. So, what better way to declutter the area than storage sofas? By having a proper storage space for your miscellaneous items, your living room will instantly appear more spacious and inviting. Say goodbye to a disorganised living room once and for all!

Styling tip: Consider making use of the open space to introduce other furniture or accessories like coffee tables and rugs into your living room.

Storage Beds

Which would you prefer: a messy bedroom with many items lying around or a tidy bedroom with items that are stored well and out of sight? Without a doubt, I’m sure all of you would prefer the latter. Well, with storage beds, decluttering the space in your bedroom will be a breeze!

Storage Beds with Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lift storage beds offer plenty of storage space, making them perfect for storing items like luggage and storage boxes. Just imagine the number of items you’re able to store in those storage boxes and the amount of space you can save! Let’s also not forget that your items are only one lift away to be retrieved. How convenient and useful is that?

Drawer Storage Beds

Don’t require such a huge storage space? Don’t worry! There’s still something for you, and that is…..drawer storage beds! The storage space may be limited, but they are more capable of decluttering your bedroom than you think. Not to mention, drawer storage spaces are much more accessible than storage beds with hydraulic lifts. So, if you want something more convenient, then drawer storage beds would be the one for you!

Side Tables

If you are looking for compact storage solutions, side tables will be the way to go! Side tables are perfect for storing everyday essentials like glasses, medications and more. Think about how convenient it is to retrieve these items as and when you like! You definitely do not want to overlook side tables as a storage option for your home.

Chest of Drawers

Want more storage space than a side table while still not taking up too much space in your home? We got you! Our solution for you is a chest of drawers! With the generous drawer storage space to keep your belongings, you can rest assured that it won’t take long before your home is spic and span again. On top of that, what makes a chest of drawers perfect is its versatility. Be it your living room, bedroom, or any part of your home, it will fit in just as well!

Modular Wardrobes

Think about it: wouldn’t having the option of customising your wardrobe be great? Well, turn your imagination into reality by getting a modular wardrobe! Enjoy the flexibility of customising the interiors to best meet your needs and store your belongings more effectively.


And there you have it – 5 storage furniture you definitely want to keep in mind when decluttering your home. With these furniture, you can finally bid your worries of an untidy home goodbye!

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