Hard vs. soft mattress. Which is better for you?


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Most people have heard the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, the same rings true for mattresses. Just because a mattress is labelled “hard” or “soft” doesn’t mean it’s right for you. What might be the perfect hard mattress for one person could be too firm for someone else. And the same goes for soft mattresses – they might be too squishy for some and just right for others.

So how do you know which type of mattress is best for you? Keep reading to find out!

Pros of Hard Mattresses

In Hard mattresses, the coils are set to prevent the sinking of a person into the mattress. These mattresses are versatile and offer many benefits, including:

Keep your body in correct posture: Sleeping on a hard mattress keeps your body in the proper alignment. This is handy as it reduces various types of pains and leads to good body posture.

Good For your circulatory system: Sleeping on a hard mattress benefits your circulatory system and increases oxygen intake. This also reduces additional pressure and strain from your circulatory system. In some cases, this also improves your blood flow.

Can Decrease StressVarious studies have proven that sleeping on a firm or hard mattress can reduce stress levels. This is because most types of pain are reduced when you lay on a hard mattress, so the stress levels will also lower as the pain reduces.Robust and Durable: Hard mattresses are more durable and prevent you from sinking into the mattress. This also ensures that your mattress will serve you for a long time.

Best For Back Sleepers: If you’re a back sleeper, you know the importance of a good mattress. After all, you need something to support your spine and keep your body aligned while you sleep. That’s why hard mattresses are often the best choice for back sleepers. They provide firm support and help prevent lower back and shoulders pain. However, hard mattresses are not for everyone.

Drawback of Hard Mattresses:

Despite all these advantages, there are some disadvantages of using hard mattresses:

Can alleviate lower back pain: Depending on your specific situation, a too firm mattress can alleviate your pain. This is because these mattresses don’t offer gentle support.

Take some time to adjust: If you are sleeping on a hard mattress for the first time, you will feel uncomfortable due to its firmness. Commonly, it is seen that it takes a few days to adjust to the firmness of a hard mattress.

Not ideal for people with light body weight. Remember, a person with a lighter body weight cannot sink easily into a firm mattress; hence they will feel uncomfortable. This can disturb their sleep as well as cause other problems.

Pros of Soft Mattresses

Soft mattresses come with lighter coils that allow you to drop into the mattress gently. Some major benefits of these mattresses are:

Helps with joint and muscle pains. Soft mattresses are supple; hence they are ideal for people dealing with muscle pain. Soft mattresses offer a lot of support and relieve joints and muscle pain.

Keep your hips aligned: These mattresses are soft and offer adequate support; thus, they are also perfect for people with hip pain.

Best For Side Sleepers: Soft mattresses are often marketed as being the best option for side sleepers. The logic is that the extra cushioning will support the hips and shoulders, preventing the spine from becoming misaligned.

Portability: Most types of soft mattresses are easy to transport and move compared to the traditional hard mattress. This is beneficial in the long run.

Excellent for light sleepers: Usually, light sleepers struggle to get sound sleep, especially on a hard mattress. This means they need softer mattresses that can improve their sleep regime and quality.

Drawback of Soft Mattresses

Some major disadvantages of using a soft mattress are as follows:

Not the best choice for spinal alignment: As these mattresses are supple, you might feel a lack of support. Due to this reason, these mattresses will not enhance your spinal alignment.

You may need to replace them early: Compared to hard mattresses, soft mattresses have a shorter life and can wear out in some years.

Which one To Buy: Hard VS. Soft Mattress

So, what’s the verdict? What type of mattress should you buy- a hard one or a soft one? The answer is…. it depends. It depends on how much money you want to spend, how firm or plush you want your mattress to be, and what kind of sleeper you are. Still confused feel free to contact us for more advice.

Have any questions regarding mattresses? Feel free to comment below.

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