(Updated Sep’22) 4 Tips for Buying a Sofa for Small Spaces


Singapore’s living space ever continues to shrink and finding a sofa that not only fits but flatters small rooms can be difficult, so here are 4 tips for doing just that! 

1. Thin Legs = Bigger Looking Spaces!

Luna 2 Seater Sofa bottom view
Luna 2 Seater Sofa

Sofas with tall thin legs create an illusion of spaciousness. With light being better dispersed, your room will appear airier and more spacious, reducing the amount of space eaten up by dark crevices. 

2. Lower Sofa, Higher Ceiling

Low sofas form an illusion of higher ceilings, and what gets lower than a floor sofa! Their short height emphasises the height of your room, causing your space to look larger. 

3. Mobile Furniture

Limited space means you need more flexibility! Movement in small spaces can be a hassle so make it easier by including moveable furniture and accommodate guests without consuming unnecessary space. 

Ottomans are compact, taking up less space whilst being functional as additional seats, leg rests or side tables. 

Like ottomans, detachable seats maximise a space’s ability to accommodate guests, without the need for a second sofa.  

4. Maximise a Sofa’s Functionality

Sofas can do so much more than just being a place to sit in front of the television. Multi-functional sofas can be used to squeeze out every possible bit of value from the space it occupies.  

Sofa Beds

Watch as your living room converts seamlessly into a guest room for sleepovers when you introduce a sofa bed to your home! 

Sofas with Storage

Why have a separate storage unit and sofa when you can have two in one? Store your items whilst using less space, keeping everything clean and organised. 

At the end of the day, your home is yours. How frequently you have guests over and the amount of storage you need are but some of the factors that weigh heavily on your sofa choice. We hope that we’ve been able to help in your selection process with these 4 tips! 

Looking for more space saving related advice? Check out this blog: 3 Hacks to Maximise Small Bedroom Spaces.

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