How to Clean Your Fabric Sofa


Fabric sofas are one of the most popular sofas in Singapore households. They look clean on the surface, but… are they dust-free? Often, people find their fabric sofa needs occasional cleaning after dust-mites have invaded their sofas. Don’t wait till it is too late, let us keep your sofa safe and clean!  

Guide for Fabric Cleaning Codes 

Before starting the cleaning, it is important that you check its cleaning code. One wrong move would result in destroying the fabric. Each cleaning code represents a different cleaning method that can be applied to your fabric sofa.  

You can find the cleaning codes on the sofa label, written in short form. Once you find it, you may then proceed with the cleaning process based on the suggested method.  

Here are some cleaning codes and suggested processes for your reference: 


Dust and water don’t sound fun…  Even if you don’t see it, it does not mean that there is no dust. You need to vacuum the sofa twice throughout the entire process – before starting the cleaning process and after drying. It ensures that there is no dust present & your sofa is cleaned thoroughly. 

Steam Clean 

With the steam cleaner, you will need to check if the sofa can tolerate the heat well in a small area before going further. 

This process is significant in helping with disinfecting and eliminating germs and bacteria. Besides that, it would also kill dust mites that might be hiding in the sofa.  

Removing Stains  

Unattended spillage will turn into stains visible on the sofa. There are different ways to handle fabric stains, depending on the cleaning codes. For water and water solvent, it is recommended to mix water, white distilled vinegar, and dish soap on the stained area. 

The opposite is expected for solvent, where it is recommended to use baking soda instead. 


To dry the fabric, you can either use a hairdryer or constantly press using a dry & clean cloth. Alternatively, you can choose to air dry it overnight.   

Water Repellent Fabric  

Here are some bonus points to take note of! As the name suggests, water repellent fabric does not absorb water. This gives you additional time to wipe off any spillage easily with a dry clean cloth. 

Now you are good to go! We hope this helps provide you with the comfort of relaxing on a clean and dust-free sofa. Shop for your fabric sofa at BEDANDBASICS today!  


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