How to Pick the Perfect Sofa for Your Home


No matter how you look at it, finding the perfect sofa is arguably the single most important element for your living room. If picked wisely, it could very well be the center of attention in your house and hence, it should match with the theme and aesthetics of your home. Not to mention, the sofa is probably the first thing your guests notice when entering the living room. For example, velvet upholstery and bold colors are perfect for homes with a more flamboyant palette and need a pop of color to liven up the living room.  

Decide On a Theme  

For any theme of choice, the perfect sofa acts like an anchor point. So, examine the style and aesthetics of your home and pick a sofa that stands out and acts as a focal point for your entire living room.  

Have a look at your living room, how do you want that part of the house to feel? Do you want this space to be minimalistic with wood accents, earthy tones that exude tranquility? More homeowners are using the concept of minimalism to create a natural flow of furniture in the living room.  

Or do you prefer an exciting and vibrant aesthetic with loud and abstract art pieces? The mixture of style and patterns allow homeowners to express their individuality and create a welcoming and happy environment for guests.  

Deciding on a specific theme is crucial as your sofa might end up looking completely out of place if it does not go along with the aesthetics of the room.   

Is The Sofa Right for Your Lifestyle? 

Take into consideration – who will be frequently using the sofa, and does it affect the long-term maintenance? For instance, if you own pets, a leather sofa would be a homeowner’s nightmare. Cats have the tendency to scratch anything and everything – so a leather sofa may not be a good choice. So why not opt for a velvet sofa instead? Not only is that different from a normal fabric sofa, but it also adds a luxe texture to your space.  

But what if you have kids? You might want to refrain from purchasing light-colored sofas as they are more prone to stains and difficult to maintain.  

Orientation of Sofa  

Before deciding where you should place your sofa, analyze your lifestyle. Ask yourself – how do I spend time in the living room?  

Does your family spend family nights in the living room just lounging and playing games? Surround your sofa with comfortable and plush cushions, and a large ottoman to create a cozier ambiance.  

Or do you spend most of your nights unwinding with a glass of wine, in front of the TV after a long, exhausting day? A comfortable sofa with a chaise may be a better choice.  

Measure, Measure, Measure… 

After you’ve decided on the orientation, measure the area’s height, length, and width to make sure your sofa fits well in that space of the house. Aesthetics and practicality go hand-in-hand.

Is the sofa too big for that corner of the house? You’d want to leave at least 10cm allowance on both ends of the sofa just in case you decide to move it around. The height of the sofa is important to consider if you have any shelves or paintings hanging above it.  

Pro tip: take the measurements of your front door too. You may want to opt for a sofa that could be dismantled or delivered in sections to ease the delivery process. The last thing you want is for your long-awaited sofa to not even fit the front door!  

Style of Sofa  

There are many different styles of sofa you can choose from. Depending on the theme of your house décor, you might want to pick a sofa that blends well with the theme. So, let’s say you’ve decided on an artsy, vibrant theme, you’d want to pick out a quirky and exuberant sofa to gel in nicely with the rest of the house so that it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

Don’t be afraid to be experimental and try out different fabrics, styles, and patterns! By doing so, you would add a more personal touch to your humble abode.  


A perfect sofa ties the living room together and is the key to your family and friends’ relaxation. Take your time and don’t hesitate to ask your chosen retailer questions or advice along the way. Here at BEDANDBASICS, we try our best to meet your needs and provide you with the perfect sofa for your perfect home. 


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