5 Tips To Reduce Noise at Home


Today’s homes can be noisy especially when staying in apartments that are close to the main roads, train tracks or lower floors. Today we will be sharing some tips in choosing the materials  that can help quieten the noisy home.

1. Curtains

Hard surfaces reflect sound waves while soft surfaces absorb them. Noise absorbing curtains can be an inexpensive way to minimize outdoor noises and absorb some sounds internally. You will want to pick a dense curtain to block out the surrounding sound.

“You will want to pick curtains similar to those you see in the cinemas or lecture halls that can block light out entirely.”

Credits: noisefreesleeping.com

Tips on choosing your curtains

When it comes to choosing noise absorbing curtains, ensure that they cover as much length of your wall as possible. This is imperative as sound passes through walls and gaps too. Having full wall length curtain provides greater coverage and absorbs sound passing through them.

Look out for the below traits!

  • Pleated curtains form wedges and can provide 3 times the noise reduction effectiveness of flat curtains of the same weight and material)
  • Suede and/or velvet materials absorb sound better than a standard fabric curtain.
  • Thickness and weight – In general, having a thicker and heavier curtain is better for absorbing noise.


2. Windows that are Double-glazed


A double glazed window, though pricier than the norm, will work wonders to reduce external noise. The extra insulation can especially if it comes equipped with laminated acoustic glass, will keep the heavy traffic and unwanted noises near your home outside.

3. Pick dense materials and partition walls and false ceilings noise cancelling materials


Another way to reduce noise in your home is by installing rock-wool wall partitions. These partitions will not only reduce noise, but can also be useful in separating your space. This is particularly helpful if the source of the noise is coming from the house itself (Home-theaters, video game room etc).

If the source of the noise is from your neighbors living above you and they refuse to cut down on their noise generation, you can consider opting for false ceilings.

“Installing Acoustic Foams on your walls will work too cancel noise and absorb sound too!”

Acoustic Foams


4. Line Shared or Outside Walls with Furniture (Bookshelves are great!)

Installing a full wall book shelf lined with heavy and dense books will keep a lot of noise away especially if the opposite room is making a lot of noise.

5. Rugs, Rug Pads and Carpets


The felt and materials in Rugs, Rug Pads and Carpets act as an absorbing agent to reduce and eliminate noise.


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